My name is Samantha, I am a specialized virtual assistant (VA) who is here to provide you the solution of taking care of all the tasks you either don’t like to do or are not efficient in, while you focus on the core sectors of your business that you love to do.

I started this business not only for my love of helping people, but to enable me to continuing doing the work that I love to do whilst being a stay at home mum.

What makes me the perfect Virtual Assistant for your company?

My 7+ years of work experience in business and administrative duties has developed my skills and knowledge to handle your tasks with accuracy & efficiency, helping you enjoy a better service at a more affordable cost.

If I am unsure of something, I will ask you and keep working on the task until you are 100% happy.

Walsh Virtual Office Assistance provides a wide range of services that offer a personalised approach to the roles of a Virtual Assistant within your business!

In our competitive market, your growing business needs support, this is where Walsh Virtual Office Assistance is here to help.

Take back control of your life. No job is too small.

Contact us today to see what Walsh Virtual Office Assistance can do for you!